Pool of Professionals 

LGANT maintains a Pool of Professionals Database to assist in building capacity in the public service. If you are looking to fill a temporary assignment in a critical area, this tool can help connect you to the right person with the right experience. 


Senior Administrators looking to fill temporary assignments 


Contact us at information@lgant.com for the current Pool of Professionals List containing names, contact information, areas of expertise, and any relevant northern experience. 


 This database is a service for LGANT members only. LGANT does not guarantee any contracts or assignments and does not conduct reference checks on professionals listed on the Pool of Professionals. LGANT recommends conducting interviews and thorough reference checks before any contracts and/or offers of employment are extended to contractors. 


Contractors/Professionals interested in temporary assignments with local governments 


Local governments often need temporary assignments filled in the following areas:

  • Senior Administrations  (LGAs, SAOs, Band Managers) 

  • Financial Management 

  • Project and Contract Management 

  • Asset Management 

  • Procurement 

  • Community Land Use Planning 

  • Engineering (Consultants) 

  • Communications Planning 

  • Auditors 

If you have experience in one or more of the above areas and are interested in being added to our Pool of Professionals database, contact us at information@lgant.com and we will provide you with a list of the information we require. Please do not send us a resume as we do not act a job placement service; we simply provide information to community governments to make their own hiring decisions.