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School of Community Government Lending Library

The School of Community Government has a collection of approximately 300 books and a number of videos that community government staff can borrow. In order to borrow a book you need to request the book through your Training and Development Advisor or by emailing Books can be signed out for a month at a time and will come with a self addressed return envelop. For many people reading a book is their preferred method of learning and with topics ranging from finance to recreation there is something for most everyone. Click here to see what books and videos are available or visit this site

LinkedIn Learning


Don’t have time to take a full day course? Try micro-learning. LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of short how-to videos ranging from a few minutes to seven hour courses. Topics range from bookkeeping to how to handle bullying in the workplace all from your desktop, smart phone or tablet. If bandwidth is an issue the School can download the content you want and send it to you on a memory stick. Managers and supervisors can work with the School staff to create customized learning paths for their employees to complete. Access requires a short meeting to discuss the learning need and the creation of a plan as to how LinkedIn (or other tools) will help the employee get there. With a plan, an email will be sent granting access to the platform. SAOs do not require a learning plan to be provided with a license. For more information or to get a license please contact either your regional Training and Development Advisor or the Manager of Community Development and Training, Sara Rylott at 867-767-9163 extension 21056.

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